Bespoke Chesterfield Sofa

vs Standard Furniture

Did you know that in addition to our varied collection of sofas, chairs and footstools, we also offer a bespoke service? You hear that word a lot these days but what is the difference between a bespoke item of furniture and a standard piece?
Really, it comes down to your specific style preferences and your requirements.
Bespoke may sound complicated, time consuming or expensive but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you may just want to make one tiny tweak – and voila – you have your very own bespoke sofa.

chesterfield sofa buttoning work

The great thing about a bespoke order is that you can be as involved and creative as you like or simply issue a couple of instructions and leave the rest to us. Either way, you have a piece of furniture that is unique to you.

With anything that’s being made to order, as all our furniture is, don’t be afraid to ask if you can make changes. Sometimes these don’t cost any extra money at all and will result in you having something you really love, instead of settling for a design that isn’t exactly how you wanted it.

chesterfield sofa work

It may be a different colour piping on the cushions, no buttons where there usually are or different colour feet….the possibilities are endless….well, almost.
Of course, our standard sofas are already perfect in our eyes and luckily, the majority of our customers agree as we sell predominantly from our existing collections.

chesterfield sofa work

You may have experienced bespoke services in other areas of your life and simply appreciate having something you know you won’t see anywhere else

Either way, all of our sofas are hand made to order in our workshops here in the UK and made to the highest standards. As certified manufacturers of Chesterfields, we are proud of our collections – bespoke or standard – and we believe you will be proud of your purchase too.

Discover a more personalised approach to design and comfort. More than just furniture.

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