Comfort Guarantee

The F&H Comfort Guarantee gives the option to exchange cushion fillings to a softer or harder composition after delivery. It is a free service that allows clients to exchange the cushion fillings over the postal service within 60 days of receiving their furniture. 

Cushion options include:


The foam option offers a much firmer sit compared to any other filling. It also offers full recovery to it’s original flat shape due to the high density foam composition. Available as a hard, medium or soft composition (standard option being a medium foam density of 50-52 kg/m3).


We recommend fibre for most requirements and this type of filling is the standard option for our Classic collection. Duratech™ fibre cushions are the only cushion on the market to currently hold the FIRA Gold Award accreditation. Made from a polymer manufactured 100% from recycled polyester bottles, fibre cushions offer the best support with the lowest maintenance as well as a nicely domed surface. Fibre density: 27kg/m3

Duck Feather

The more luxurious feeling duck feather fillings are by far the softest option and so sinking lower into the seat tends to give a little more back support. Feathers, being a natural material, will constantly move around giving a traditional ‘lived in’ look to your furniture.  They tend to sag over time, and so require regular plumping. A little more expensive than fibre or foam, this option is standard for the Heirloom, Monochrome and Club collection. Higher maintenance but a very traditional option.

Buttoned Seat

The buttoned seat is a fixed seat option being a continuation of the back and arm. It offers a much firmer sit but is deceptively comfortable due to the added support within the upholstery itself. As this type of seating is built within the upholstery, switching to a cushion seating is not an option.