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Replacement cushion covers?


We purchased a sofa and armchair from you approximately 30 years ago. The sofa cushions are quite worn and one cover has developed a small rip which is exposing the cushion and we would like to get them re-upholstered. How do we go about in doing that?


The options are to repair or replace the covers and so please email us a photo of the cushions so we may make a quick assessment and estimate of costs. Whatever option you go for please bear in mind the leather colour may be slightly different to the rest of your sofa due to leather ageing. In all cases we will send you a leather swatch for your approval.

What cushion options are there?


What cushion options are there and what is the filling density in kg/m3?


Comfort is subjective and we understand it is hard choose before trying. For this reason we offer a cushion comfort guarantee service (excludes buttoned seat option). Recommended standard options are listed below but we can also use various alternative fillings/densities on request.


The foam option offers a much firmer sit compared to any other filling. It also offers full recovery to its original flat shape due to the high density foam composition. Foam density: 50-52 kg/m3


We recommend fibre for most requirements and this type of filling is the standard option for our Classic collection. Duratech™ fibre cushions are the only cushion on the market to currently hold the FIRA Gold Award accreditation. Made from a polymer manufactured 100% from recycled polyester bottles, fibre cushions offer the best support with the lowest maintenance as well as a nicely domed surface. Fibre density: 27kg/m3

Duck Feather

The more luxurious feeling duck feather fillings are by far the softest option and so sinking lower into the seat tends to give a little more back support. Feathers, being a natural material, will constantly move around giving a traditional ‘lived in’ look to your furniture.  They tend to sag over time, and so require regular plumping. A little more expensive than fibre or foam, this option is standard for the Heirloom, Monochrome and Club collection. Higher maintenance but a very traditional option.

Buttoned Seat

The buttoned seat is a fixed seat option being a continuation of the back and arm. It offers a much firmer sit but is deceptively comfortable due to the added support within the upholstery itself.

Do I get compensation if my order is delayed?

A belief that one object of genuine quality is worth more than a sea of mass-produce alternatives remains fundamental to us and this requires your understanding and patience. Delivery times are estimated due to the hand-made nature of our furniture. Furthermore, items of high value that are heavy and fragile must be handled with extra care and so cannot be speeded up.

If production is completed earlier or later than expected we will always try to notify clients in advance. As a company that has been making furniture the traditional way since 1780, Fleming & Howland will not compromise quality or risk damage over speed. On this basis we do not provide financial compensation.

Damages on delivery


Despite greatest possible care during production, packing and dispatch of furniture, improper handling or circumstances beyond our control can lead to damages in transit. To ensure a smooth handling of your complaint, please observe the following points.

The packaging must be checked for visible damages before confirming receipt of the goods.

If damages are visible, a note has to be made on the delivery document. Important: The note regarding the damages must be signed by the driver. Otherwise it is not valid.

Please take a photo of the goods in its original packaging.

In case of damaged packaging, please follow above instructions. Do not refuse the delivery. As long as goods are subsequently checked for damage within 48 hours, your claim will be valid.

Damages on the goods are also to be reported with pictures. Please provide photos showing any damages within 48 hours.

Damage on the outer packaging must be reported on the delivery note. Damage to goods must be reported to us directly within 48 hours. Please submit your report with photos to us within 48 hours after receipt of the goods.


In case of damage please do not refuse items. All goods are fully insured which means any repair/replacements are covered as long as the above procedure is followed. Each case will be treated differently depending on circumstances. Once a claim is processed we will contact you with further instructions.

If receipt of the goods is acknowledged without any notes regarding quantity or damages, the consignment consequently is confirmed as being complete and in good condition. A complaint afterwards is not valid and cannot be accepted. Complaints can only be accepted if reported within 48 hours after receipt of the goods. Complaints after this deadline will not be processed and therefore refused.

Restricted Access?


We moved into our new home two weeks ago and had a problem with the delivery of one of our pieces of furniture because of the size of the staircase and of the elevator (lift).

I am therefore sending you the size, hoping that our order with you will be able to reach us properly:

Lift / Elevator: Height: 200 x depth: 110 x width of the doors: 80

Stairs: 200 height x 90 width


It is always the customers responsibility to ensure access is adequate, however, the low back design of the Chesterfield rarely causes problems with access (especially as the legs are removable).

Service to Finland?


I read the terms & conditions part and before sending the order back to you please confirm:

For Finland do your prices include delivery without any surcharges

Do prices include a 2-man delivery service

In the unlikely event that the cushion fillings need to be exchanged do you charge for more or do we have to pay for shipping?


The price includes shipping and handling without surcharges. Concerning our delivery service to Finland, please have a look here and check the topic “Other Countries”.

In terms of the cushion comfort guarantee there are no surcharges for this service as long as the request is within 60 days of receiving your furniture.

Delivery to Hong Kong

Prices quoted include insurance, packaging and delivery to any address in Hong Kong.  The delivery service included is a commercial one-man service to the address only and so please be sure to ensure someone is on hand to help you unpack and move items into your home. A two-man delivery service is available on request (10-20% surcharge depending on address).

Where is my order?


It’s been a little more than 16 weeks and I have not yet received my sofa. Where is my order?


If you have not yet been notified of a delivery date this means your order is still in the production phase. All production times are approximated due to the hand-made nature of our furniture but if you contact us with your order reference number we can give you a quick update. We do not compromise quality over speed and so we ask all our customers for their continued patience.

Once your order is ready for dispatch we will automatically process the balance payment. If the deposit was paid by bank transfer we will notify you by email. Once dispatched, please allow a few days for the carrier to schedule the delivery slot for your area. This process usually takes place within 10-15 working days. For practical reasons, it is not possible to specify an exact day/time for delivery and so the proposed time slot will be dictated by the carrier directly with you in accordance with their scheduled runs. If this date is not convenient, a further 10-15 days may be required to re-schedule and so we encourage our customers to always try to accommodate the proposed date.


Deliveries within the UK, USA, France & Belgium

For the United Kingdom, United States, France and Belgium, prices already include a ‘white glove’ delivery service. Taxes, duties, packaging and insurance are all included. On most occasions the vehicle used for deliveries is a large 17 ton truck and so please inform us in advance if there is restricted access.


deliveries within Other Countries

The standard service included in the price is delivery to the street address only. We have partnered with various different carriers to provide a worldwide delivery service but to help maintain a low-cost delivery solution, most vehicles will arrive with a single driver. It is therefore necessary to ensure at least two people are present to help carry the items into your home. Any extra services such as a second man or packaging removal are subject to surcharges and must be requested in advance.

Why Is Delivery Approximated?

Handled With Care

Our priority is, and always will be, to ensure your furniture is treated with the utmost of care by selecting the best logistical partners to handle your furniture. Items of high value and heavy weight must be handled with extra care and so do not travel through your typical logistics channels. With this in mind, we will not compromise safety over speed and so your patience and understanding is an essential requirement during these final stages.


Below is an outline of how your furniture will be handled:


phase 1: Collection

Your consignment is collected within 5-7 working days of the final payment date


phase 2: Planning

The delivery company will contact you directly as soon as they have a scheduled date for your area (within 5-7 working days). For clients outside Europe, the planning phase begins shortly after your consignment reaches the nearest port and clears customs (the shipping schedule will be shared with an estimated arrival date).


phase 3: Delivery

Your consignment is loaded onto a vehicle and delivered within 5-10 working days. For deliveries outside Europe these timescales will vary depending on your exact location.

TOTAL TIME APPROX. 10-15 WORKING DAYS (15-30 working days if outside Europe).


For practical reasons, it is usually not possible to specify an exact day/time with the carrier and so any agreed time slot must be confirmed directly by the carrier in accordance with their scheduled runs. Any special conditions outside the standard delivery service such as equipment hire for restricted access, restricted time slots or fast-track courier services must be discussed in advance (surcharges and delays may apply).


Manufacture fault vs. wear & tear


Fleming & Howland’s Guarantee is a structural guarantee that covers the average lifetime of a sofa or chair to ensure the article is fit for purpose. It excludes components such as legs, castors, buttons, studs, springs etc. as well as damages caused by regular use (wear and tear). All articles are subject to evaluation by Fleming & Howland customer support who will endeavour to repair or replace the defective article free of charge. Refunds will only be offered if a suitable replacement or repair option is not available.




Our guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear or product damage caused by misuse, negligence, or accident. This includes but is not limited to damage caused by:

Extensive use.
Abuse of product.
Disregard for the product care or cleaning instructions.
Stains – including but not limited to: food, ink, bleach, sunscreen, zinc, chlorine, etc.
Third-party alterations made to product.




Fleming & Howland furniture is built to last but keep in mind that external pressure, elements and chemicals will have an affect on natural materials. Over time, colour pigments may change within the fabric or leather, often lightening in tone and colour. The pleats around the deep buttoning may soften and open up, especially in areas of use. Button caps may become loose or caught and seat cushions may become out of shape due to filling compression and material elasticity. These are examples of normal wear and tear; not defective workmanship or materials.




We will do our best to repair these items at a cost proportionate to the extent of the damage. Fleming & Howland reserves the right to determine if the repair is possible and what the associated cost will be. Repair costs must be paid in full before repairs are completed.

What is a ‘lifetime’ guarantee?

A Lifetime Guarantee (20 years for domestic use and 10 years for commercial use) is a structural guarantee that covers the average lifetime of a sofa or chair to ensure the article is fit for purpose. It excludes components such as castors, buttons, studs etc. as well as damages caused by regular use (wear and tear).

In case of damage whether it be through an accident or wear & tear, we will always offer to support our customers by supplying the necessary components/materials to work alongside your insurance/repair company. For further information please get in touch with our support team by completing this enquiry form.

Are these sofa all hand made in England?


Are these sofas all hand made in England?


All furniture by Fleming & Howland is produced within the UK in accordance with the Chesterfields certification standards. For further information please visit 

What Guarantees Do You Offer?

Our Promise

Those who have bought a Fleming and Howland before have learned to trust us. For everyone else, we point to our guarantees. We understand the caution involved with any large online purchase, so we offer a number of iron-clad, legally binding promises to help you sleep better at night.


1: Our Furniture Will Last A Lifetime

Made by skilled craftsmen using high quality materials, every Fleming & Howland piece is built to last for life. If you don’t believe us, read the small print. All of our furniture comes with a lifetime structural guarantee.


2: You have the right to refuse delivery

When your furniture arrives, please give it more than a quick glance. We encourage you to check, test and inspect every glorious detail. If anything falls short of expectation, you have our complete permission to refuse delivery. We’ll reimburse you within the day. Our reputation was built by delivering quality without fault. With your help, we’ll stay that way.


3: a policy based on Satisfaction

It is always our aim to deliver perfection. If for any reason you think your Fleming & Howland falls short of that mark, you can return or exchange it  within 60 days after delivery.


4: Comfort Guarantee

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at the factory gates. Only when you’re completely satisfied do we consider the job done. To test that promise when your furniture is delivered, please take a seat. If you prefer a softer or a harder composition, we’ll exchange your cushion filling for free anytime within 60 days after delivery. Comfort and quality. That’s our guarantee.

Full terms & conditions here.

I requested a brochure online but it hasn’t arrived yet?

Sometimes the brochure pack can take a little longer to arrive in certain postal areas. If it does not arrive by the end of next week please let us know. In the meantime you can request the digital version for instant access.

How to Order

Step 1: Samples

Ensure you request one of our colour samples for colour approval. It is important to understand that, as we use natural materials, the colour may vary from the original swatch.

Step 2: Secure Online

The best way to place your order is using our secure online ordering system or, if bespoke, simply contact us by phone or email.

Step 3: 50% Deposit

To secure your order order, a 50% deposit payment is required. We accept all major credit cards and direct bank transfer payments. When orders are placed online they are automatically confirmed.

Step 4: Check

At this stage it is very important that you check the items you have ordered are correct. We will not accept responsibility if orders are incorrect after the checking process.

Step 5: Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are governed and will be interpreted in accordance with English courts.

Where Is The Showroom?


Up to date list of our partners and re-sellers are on our Showrooms page.

Care Guide

Natural Leather

Our leathers are hand selected for their natural characteristics. Every hide is different. Because the dyes and finishes penetrate to varying degrees in different parts of the hide, an attractive, variable finish is achieved. Hallmarks such as scars, creases, insect bites and veins add natural beauty and individuality to each hide. Areas of use such as the seat and arm will become lighter in colour. Leather is highly resilient and durable, which over time, will adapt and change, enhancing its appeal.

The more subtle markings will feature on more prominent parts of the article although this is not guaranteed. Irregularities in the grain, small scars, insect bites, dung marks and other natural skin marks should not be considered defects. It is perfectly normal for certain areas of the leather such as the pleats to show signs of stretching from new. This will develop naturally during the life of the furniture creating a softer more inviting look, an inherent quality of fine leather furniture.

Leather Care

Leather furniture in a normal domestic environment should require little attention and any cleaning should be done only when necessary. For regular maintenance, simply remove dust occasionally using a damp cloth. Off the shelf creams or conditioners are not advised and may jeopardise your
warranty. Liquids should be quickly removed using a clean cloth. Sweat or perspiration may cause harm to leather. In particular it can cause colour loss and cracking. Always protect your furniture from direct sunlight, as this will accelerate the natural on going discolouration process. Never place leather furniture against any heating source such as a radiator. Avoid sitting on the edges of cushions or arms, as this may cause uneven wear and distortion of the padding and leather. Certain non‐colourfast clothing such as denim can stain light coloured leather if it comes into regular contact.


Some fabrics will also have natural characteristics. Cotton velvet upholstery has a durable, soft pile and a rich, saturated colour with many shading variations. Marking, bruising or pressure marks after handling or sitting are normal and will generally recover with time and natural humidity. Some slight bruises or marks may never fully disappear and irregularities within the yarn may be visible due to the natural fibres. This is non-synthetic material and so should be considered an enhancement to your furniture. Fabrics selected for upholstered products may adopt a slightly different texture and appearance from those purchased by the metre due to fire resistant processing. None of these features is a sign of premature wear. They are natural characteristics which do not affect product quality.

Fabric Care

Clean regularly by gently vacuuming the fabric. Remove any spills immediately using a clean, dry, cloth. Do not rub or use any chemical‐based cleaners. Follow the care guide for each type of fabric as instructions may vary.

Testing & Environment

All furniture is manufactured under the ISO9001:2008 quality system and comply with British / European standards for upholstery leather and the furnishings fire safety regulations 1988. All leathers comply with strict regulations and EU directives covering the use and presence of PCP, CFC, Chromo
VI and Azo dyestuffs during the tanning process. All components and materials are from renewable resources and wherever possible British made.

Which leather quality do we use?

Antiqued Leather

Used primarily for our Classic furniture. Fine corrected grain leather with an antique top coat. After the furniture has been upholstered this top coat can be rubbed off in areas to reveal  the lighter colour beneath thus giving an aged appearance. Some hallmarks such as scars and insect bites may also show. This leather will age with use revealing more of the base coat. Whilst all natural materials will be subject to pet damage, leathers in general are a lot more resilient compared to fabric. ‘Antiqued’ leather in particular features a protective seal that offers a little more protection than usual which is why it is a popular choice within environments of heavy use (restaurants, bars, hotels, etc).

Leather Information
Hide size av. 4.5 sqm. Thickness approx. 1.2mm*

request swatches


Hand-Coloured Leather

Exclusively developed by Fleming & Howland – full article about this unique leather can be found here. A soft full grain, full aniline leather that is used specifically for hand dyeing. Colour dyes are mixed and gently massaged into the leather which is then allowed to dry. This process is repeated at least six times to ensure a beautifully-toned patina. As the dyes are absorbed in varying intensities on different areas of the skin, the original hallmarks of the hide ensure that every piece is completely unique and distinctive. Full-aniline leather, which is the hide’s most organic state, will always reveal heavy scarring and blemishes. In areas of frequent use, such as the seat and arm, the natural oils will move around to cause a lightening in colour. This is the natural progression of hand-coloured leather and in no way should be considered a flaw.

Leather Information
Hide size av. 4.5 sqm. Thickness approx. 1.2mm*

request swatches


chesterfield sofa in grey

Crackle Leather

Especially developed for an aged yet contemporary finish. This is a full grain, semi-aniline leather full of character with scars, bites and scratches. Very hard-wearing. A natural full-grain leather with a slight pull up characteristic, the leather when stretched lightens to the hide dye colour beneath giving a pleasant contrast of shades.

Leather Information
Hide size av. 4.5 sqm. Thickness approx. 1.2mm*

request swatches


Silk Leather

A full grain and full aniline leather with a waxed finish. A slight pull up characteristic i.e. the leather when stretched slightly lightens to the hide dye colour beneath giving a pleasant contrast of shades.

Leather Information
Hide size av. 4.5 sqm. Thickness ca. 1.2mm*

request swatches

*leather thickness varies with natural hides and is not related to leather quality. 1.2mm is optimum thickness for chesterfields in particular (too thick and the pleating/buttoning is not possible)

Colour recommendation to match wood tones


I am trying to get a colour that is the most-rustic-log-fireside-timeless-v. traditional-smoky-colour, if you will? Floors, bed and shelves are wooden oak. What leather colour/s might you recommend? You have many colours and I am not very good at matching/choosing. Your help recommendation/appreciated.


The most traditional colour to match other woods in your room would have to be our Hand-Coloured Chestnut leather (example here) which is a unique leather with a rich patina. More info on how we colour our leathers by hand here.

Alternatively, a more economic option is the Antiqued Tobacco leather as featured here. This leather colour is not too dark or too light to complement wood tones.

If these are to your liking, we would be more than happy to send out some leather samples, just let us know…

Crackle range of leathers

The ‘Crackle’ range of leathers has been especially developed for an aged yet contemporary finish. They are full grain natural hides with scars, bites and scratches. Full of character. Very hard-wearing.

What is the difference between your Antiqued and Hand-Coloured leathers?


There is quite a big difference in price between your ‘Antiqued’ and ‘Hand-Coloured’ leathers. Why is this exactly?


All Fleming & Howland leathers are from the same high grade hides, but it is the time required to finish the leather patina that makes the difference.

The Classic collection implements faster, more modern upholstery methods using ‘Antiqued’ leather while the Heirloom, Monochrome and Club collection implement the more laborious ‘Hand-Coloured’ leather.

‘Antiqued’ Leather:

The hide is pre-dyed before arriving at the workshop and subsequently antiqued by gently rubbing away the top coat. A final sealant is then applied to ensure protection, also providing a mellow lustre finish. It is for this reason that a Classic Chesterfield transmits such character and warmth, easily welcomed into any home.

‘Hand-Coloured’ Leather:

Developed by Fleming & Howland, the dyes are gently massaged into the leather by hand and allowed to dry. This process is repeated at least 6 times to ensure a beautifully toned patina. As the dyes are absorbed in varying intensities on different areas of the skin, many original hallmarks will be visible ensuring that every piece is completely unique and distinctive.

VAT and local taxes

If you are a tax registered company outside the UK but within the European Union you will be exempt of the inclusive UK tax. We will require a valid company tax registration number in accordance with the invoice address.

Goods travelling outside the EU are exempt of the VAT charge although local taxes may apply which are usually payable once goods enter the country. If in doubt, please check with your local customs office.

Do you do discounts?


We are very interested in purchasing many items from your Heirloom collection. Could you please provide me with your best price including delivery and do you have any special offers considering the high quantity?


As all our furniture is hand-made to order there is no economy of scale. Other companies may offer a volume discount but this is because their costs diminish due to their mass-production business model. Our prices reflect the craftsmanship, skill and quality of work required to produce a Chesterfield that is certified under the rules and regulations set out by the Chesterfields Trade Association. On occasion we may have ex-display or ex-showroom articles available at a slightly reduced price which are sold as seen. Please contact the showroom directly for further information.


Your Design & Build Stages

Good things for those who wait…

In a world of fast fashion and flat pack furniture, buying from Fleming & Howland is an experience that goes against the grain. Given the demand of our work, our waiting lists are at least five months long. For quality made to last a lifetime, we think that wait is worth it.

Stage 1: Frame Build

Timescale: approx. 6-8 weeks


Stage 2: Cut & Sew

Timescale: approx. 1-2 weeks


Stage 3: Upholstery

Timescale: approx. 3-4 weeks


Stage 4: Antiquing

Timescale: approx. 4-10 days (4 weeks if hand-coloured)


Stage 5: Finishing

Timescale: approx. 2-3 days


Stage 6: Packaging

Timescale: approx. 1-2 days



Loose cushions – overhang, shape and filling

The overhang of the cushions is an important part of the design for all sofas featuring loose cushion seating. The cushions are specially fitted to allow for the ‘shrinkage’ effect when pressure is applied to the cushion (when sitting). If the cushions did not overhang you will find that your legs will be resting on the front frame of the sofa which is not so comfortable.

With time and use the shape of the cushions will change and adapt to your size and weight. Leather is a natural material and will stretch/contract constantly often resulting in leather ripples on the cushion surface. The filling will also move around inside the casing (especially duck feather). We do not recommend over-stuffing the cushions as they are pre-filled to an optimum level.

Reversible cushions are available on request but only suitable for breathable fabrics. Leather is not so permeable and so a breathable fabric panel is sewn in to prevent the cushion from splitting. The leathers we use are highly resilient and therefore a reversible option is not necessary.

Lord office chair to fit under our desk…


I am enquiring about the Lord Chesterfield swivel chair.
I would like to ask you to please provide me with the dimensions of the height of the arms (from the floor) so we can see if the chair fits under a desk we have.
Also is the seat adjustable in height?
We are based in Athens,Greece, therefore please clarify if I understand correctly that we will be exempt from paying tax? Or will we have to pay tax when it enters the country?


The height of the chair is adjustable (gas lift mechanism) and the height of the arms is 64 cm at the lowest position. All prices include delivery to Greece and also include VAT. No extra charges will apply.

Button positions are odd in places, is this a fault?


The position of the buttons and the depth of the pleats are different in certain areas. Why are they not uniform?


The button placement is dictated by the folds in the leather and the position of the internal frame. With this in mind some buttons can be positioned higher than others. We assure you that this is not of detriment to the sofa and is not a fault. On the contrary, these anomalies are testament to a hand-pleated Chesterfield.

Sofabed mechanism?

sofa-bed option

The sofabed option is available for the Stamford & William Blake designs. The mechanism is very easy to operate by one person due to its 3-fold action.

Example below: Stamford 2 seater sofa-bed in Antiqued Tobacco leather

stamford leather chesterfield sofa bed

Prices vary according the leather colour/type of your choice. Contact us to request a quotation.

In terms of mattress sizes, a 4 seater sofa will accommodate a 155cm wide mattress, a 3 seater sofa will accommodate a 125cm wide mattress, and a 2 seater sofa will accommodate a 75cm wide mattress. Please follow this link for more information regarding the bed mechanisms itself.

Large footstool or pouffe to match my Cromwell Chesterfield?


I have bought the Cromwell 3 seater and would like a footstool or pouffe to go with it so that, once pushed up close to the sofa, it would make the depth of the sofa feel deeper when sat on. Can you tell me what are my options please?


We recommend the Kingston pouffe shown below which has a standard size of: Height 49cm x Width 80cm x Depth 60cm. We would alter the front border and leg design to match your existing sofa. We can also make bespoke sizes on request.

What options do I have for a Chesterfield corner sofa?


I have some questions regarding the Chesterfield corner sofa: What designs are available and can the Stamford be set up so that there is only one cushion in the corner unit? In the pictures there are two cushions which might make it less comfortable?

Can the configuration be opposite to what is photographed and can the dimensions be modified?

Finally, can we choose from any of your leathers?


Available designs include the Stamford, Kingston & Farringdon. Other designs considered on request.

Having two cushions does not affect comfort (if you sit on the area where the cushions meet there is little to no difference). It is therefore more of an aesthetic alteration and we can make this change for you if required.

Opposite configuration and alterations to sizes are all possible. Just let us know the size of the corner you need to fill and we will provide drawings for you to approve.

Any of our leathers may apply to any of our designs as a made to order bespoke service. Prices may vary depending on your selection so please specify the colour so we may quote accordingly.

Kingston corner sofa


I am interested in a Kingston classic chesterfield sofa – corner unit in leather. Can you provide an estimate delivered to Nashville TN, 37203, USA? Also looking for the size etc.


Scrolling down to the bottom of this page will show the Kingston corner unit dims and prices. All prices already include tax and delivery to any USA address.

Product dimensions & info

Due to the hand-made nature of our furniture all measurements specified are approximated. Each of our upholsterers will pull, pleat, stretch and upholster differently and therefore a tolerance of up to 6cm is expected for each dimension.

For bespoke items whereby, a customer has restricted space, we ask for the maximum width. In these instances, we would ensure the article does not exceed this measurement.

To view the dims of a specific product, locate the item on our website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hover the mouse of the article in question. Click on the small ‘i’ icon to open the lightbox.

Bespoke vs. standard products

Fleming & Howland produce everything in their UK factory which means alterations to sizes, options, design and upholstery material are possible. A Classic article in a leather from our Heirloom collection, for example, is an acceptable bespoke option.

If an item is not ordered with standard options (as offered on the website), they are considered bespoke. As bespoke items are especially commissioned they are non-returnable. All other guarantees will apply.

Do you sell chaise lounge?

The closest we do to a ‘Chesterfield’ Chaise Lounge, is the Farringdon (chaise sectional piece is available independently)

could’nt find the answer?

contact us