Fleming & Howland know that design and quality can be perfectly compatible with respect to the environment. With a scrupulously clean and sustainable process, traditional furniture making is in perfect harmony with our ecology.


Wood is regulated by the FSC.

All woods used for the manufacture of frames are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Based in Germany, the Forest Stewardship Council is responsible for controlling the sustainable management of forests, through various standards and policies.

When buying from F&H you have the assurances that the woods used have not been obtained from an illegal source, a forest that infringes civil rights, natural forests converted to plantations or forests where management activities put at risk any High Conservation Values.

You can read more here: https://fsc.org/


Dyes are mixed in the workshop and applied by hand.

Unlike other brands, F&H colour their own leathers using water-based dyes within their own facility. This creates less demand from the industrial tanneries, less energy and less waste.


The only power tool an F&H craftsmen will use is his hands.

The very nature of hand-made furniture means it has a much lower impact on carbon emissions compared to your average large industrial counterpart. The only ‘power tool’ an F&H craftsmen will use is, quite literally, his hands. In addition, 90% of the raw materials required to produce an F&H sofa is locally sourced and so there is always minimal wasted energy through transportation.