Throughout the centuries and amidst a wide range of developments in technology, products and taste, there has always been something distinctly desirable about a truly British product. The fact is that the label ‘manufactured in Britain’ brings connotations of quality and timelessness, often due not only to the high quality of the materials used, but also to the carefulness and integrity of workers during the manufacturing process. At Fleming & Howland we strive to maintain these values for our certified Chesterfield® sofas to an ever greater degree than many iconic British products of generations passed.


One fine example of a truly British design icon is the Bentley. To this day, the company are still manufacturing some models at their base in base in Crewe, England, and their cars represent the ultimate standard of British luxury and class. All of Bentley’s models are known to be reliable and of an extremely high quality, and it is this rich heritage, alongside the business’ core values, that make Brits proud to call Bentley a home-grown enterprise.


Another quintessentially British car is, of course, the Mini. Although the company was bought by BMW at the beginning of the century, the Mini is historically British designed and produced; and some modern vehicles are still manufactured here. The traditional Mini was an icon of 1960s British pop culture, and made famous appearances in several films, such as the 1969 The Italian Job. The original model is still loved and admired by Brits, who voted it ‘the greatest British car of all time’ in a 2012 survey. Initially produced in 1959, the Mini fittingly met the needs of consumers at the time and soon became a trustworthy, staple aspect of British culture.


What could be more British than a sturdy pair of wellington boots? These were commissioned and made popular by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, who required some durable footwear for his foot soldiers going out to battle. The very fact that wellies can withstand such terrible weather conditions makes them inherently British, but we Brits are especially proud of them thanks to their assistance in both World Wars; particularly in the muddy trenches of WW1. Leading brands of wellies often promote their products based on these British values of quality and endurance.

Chesterfield Sofas

Fleming & Howland Chesterfield sofas are designed and manufactured to suit the luxurious lifestyle, with careful attention paid to every tiny detail. We are proud of our traditional manufacturing process and skilled tradesmen, shunning the need for mass production machinery and harsh chemicals. Just as the Bentley, Mini, and even the welly boot are icons of British manufacturing, Fleming & Howland’s Chesterfield sofas deliver equal quality and integrity to those who enjoy them. What makes a Fleming & Howland Chesterfield different? Unlike many British brands today, one of the prerequisites for a Certified Chesterfield® sofa is that it must always be produced within the United Kingdom and come with a 20-year guarantee. Other criteria such as quality of frame build, joints, springs and upholstery standards must also comply with new regulations that are in place to meet the appropriate high standards that honouring this heritage demands.