January furniture detox

A new year, a new you.

It’s likely you’ve resolved to have a clean, healthy start to 2016 as the excesses of the festive period are becoming a distant memory.

But as you embrace this change of lifestyle, don’t forget, your furniture deserves a detox too. It has welcomed all your guests, been a refuge of comfort for all the family and no doubt seen a few spills over the holidays.

Our furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee and we like to know it’s being looked after so here are some tips for keeping your sofa in tip top condition………..



This most durable and robust of materials requires little but regular effort to maintain its healthy appearance.

Dust down once a week with a dry cloth to avoid a build-up of dust in the creases

Remove dirt and grease with a clean damp cloth but avoid excessive rubbing and dampening which can cause damage

Keep leather furniture out of direct sunlight as the colour may fade and drying out the leather could result in cracks or splits

Clean up spills straight away using a dry cloth to absorb as much liquid as possible

Never use detergents or abrasive, solvent based cleaner




A natural material complete with many wonderful qualities designed to protect it.

Vacuuming is the best way to remove built up dust and dirt from wool sofas and chairs

For any accidental spills – clean immediately when possible. Wool has a natural protective surface which prevents spills from penetrating the fibre, so acting quickly will ensure no lasting damage is done.

Remove light stains with cold water and an absorbent towel.

Blot, and never rub the wool as this can cause damage to the fibres

For persistent stains, wool can be professionally dry cleaned

Turn cushion pads regularly for an even look and to avoid wear and tear



Selected for its rich, sumptuous appearance, velvet requires more attention than other finishes.

Velvet is a more delicate fabric to look after but with careful handling and an understanding of its nature it can be enjoyed for many years

Vacuum or use a lint roller to remove day-to-day lint and dust

Pressure marks are impossible to prevent, however if they persist, a light steaming or gentle brushing in the direction of the pile will be beneficial

Never press or blot any spills as velvet gets flattened easily. Instead, shake out excess moisture and very gently dab with a dry cloth

For more serious spills or stains dry clean the velvet by taking cushions to a dry cleaners or getting professionals in

Turn cushion pads regularly for an even look