Georgian Curve

Georgian Curve

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Georgian Curve Colours

Hand-Coloured Leather

  • Slate-Grey

  • White

  • Rose

  • Plum

  • Blue

  • Slate-Brown

  • Coal

  • Bone

  • Tan

  • Red

  • Green

  • Gold

  • Chestnut

  • Brown

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    horse hair seat

    Horse Hair Seat

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Full aniline cow hides; hand-sewn, hand-coloured and wax finished

Hand-joined hardwood internal frame; dowelled, glued and screwed

Georgian Curve chair in Hand-Coloured Bone leather

matt black stained hardwood for all visible parts of frame and legs where applicable

Georgian Curve chair in Hand-Coloured Coal leather

Layered stuffing with cotton felt and hand-sewn seat lip

Georgian Curve chair in Hand-Coloured Bone leather

Individually hand-nailed antique chrome studding

Georgian Curve chair in Hand-Coloured Slate leather

Stuffed and Stitched version: loose horse hair stuffing and individual hand-tied coil springs for seat internal

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