Beauty begins with a length of wood. With a coil spring. With a hide of undyed leather. Beauty is made of grain, fibre, twine, hessian copper and brass. Beauty is lovingly crafted. It is shaped by tradition and alive in every detail.
Beauty is hand made.


The internal frame is the foundation of all furniture. The strength from the timber, the durability from the joints, the design from the cut. Patterns for all shapes and sizes at your fingertips. Our pattern room is your playground.


Over 1000 components are individually tapped, fixed and screwed into the frame. Some for structural purpose, some for the delicate finishing touches. An attention to detail you don’t find anywhere else.



Full grain hides, 100% mixed wools, cotton based linens and velvets…the new golden rule for upholstery. Natural materials and compositions that are hand-picked for a sustainable future.

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The real beauty of making furniture by hand is the ability to customise.

Designing with Fleming & Howland is a journey, with your input invited at every step. It starts here...


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