Where some see garish, others see bold. Where some see bland, others see understated. There is no monopoly on beauty. For us, beauty is found in the obsessive pursuit of elegance in shape and form. Eccentrics recognise that beauty is entirely personal and incredibly varied. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and none of them are wrong. Eccentrics also recognise that beauty is all around us. It can be found in vast landscapes or in the tiniest detail. All we need to do is open our minds to see it and to savour it.


The confidence to be true to yourself in the face of prevailing opinion and consensus. The courage to adhere to your principles no matter what popular thought might say. Independence of thought and a generous dose of bravery are the marks of the true eccentric. As a company that has been making furniture the traditional way since 1780, we know how hard it can be to ignore the pressures of the moment to adapt and change. Far from being insulted, we are proud to be called eccentric. We see it as a label that connects us to a long history of original British thinkers. There is something in the cut of our cloth that makes us nurture and celebrate our eccentrics. Eccentricity is part of our national DNA. Without it, there would be no Orwell. There would be no Vivienne Westwood or Charles Rennie Mackintosh. We believe that the principles of eccentricity continue to have value both for how we work and how we live.

“A belief that one object of genuine quality is worth more than a sea of mass-produce alternatives remains fundamental for us and for all willing eccentrics.”


One of the characteristics of eccentric British style is not being afraid of colours. Large prints and bold materials such as velvets and wools have long been part of the language of British design. For us, colour is both science and an art. We use carefully selected dyes to massage leather by hand to create unique patterns and colours that make statements and elicit an emotional response.


Trends come and go. Fashions change with the seasons, but quality and style are eternal. In our nearly 250 year history, we have always resisted the temptation to indulge in short-lived, fast fashion. That’s why you will rarely see Fleming & Howland on the high street. Our age gives us a broader perspective. We have seen the world transform time and time again, but those changes only have made us more certain of our beliefs. When it comes to fashion, don’t follow herds and remember the true eccentric’s one golden rule. You can never go wrong if you stay true to yourself.

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The real beauty of making furniture by hand is the ability to customise.

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