Engineered to fit perfectly in its intended space


With a vast sweeping leather back and extended footrests, a leather Chesterfield Corner sofa can create a majestic focal point for a large room. The scale of these sofas enhances their visual impact by giving the leather added space to shine. Every Chesterfield Corner sofa is custom made to fit the exact dimensions of a particular room. Everything that’s loved about iconic Chesterfield characteristics, from the comfort of the deep seats to the glorious patina of the buttoned leather back, is magnified and engineered to fit perfectly in its intended space. This is luxury moulded to fit the contours of your life.


Quintessential English comfort

With its heavy, scrolled arms and cushioned, buttoned-leather back support, the Stamford Corner Sofa captures the heritage, elegance and timeless appeal of classic Chesterfield chairs and sofa sets.

Each sectional piece of the sofa can be made to order to create a configuration perfectly adapted to your needs. This bold, versatile sofa can fit perfectly in a corner to maximise space or stand proud as the dominant design feature in the centre of a room.


The distinctive Chesterfield design is deeply imprinted on the history of UK life and culture. Chesterfield sofas have occupied a place in our hearts, workplaces, and homes for more than two centuries. The joy of a Chesterfield comes from the incredible comfort and attention to detail and from the knowledge that you are sitting on a sofa shaped by history.

Farringdon Leather Chesterfield Corner Sofa Samuel Jackson Sectional Chesterfield Corner Sofa stamford leather chesterfield corner sofa


As well as customising the dimensions and configuration of your Chesterfield corner sofas, you can explore the full range of colours, textures and materials. To recreate the authentic 18th-century design, choose hand-dyed leather and classic Chesterfield features. Sofas like the unadorned and beautifully sleek Manhattan can make a dramatic and modern style statement.


Our sofas are handmade by a team of highly experienced Chesterfield furniture makers. Each part of the process, from building the wooden frame to dying and buttoning the leather, is done by hand using techniques handed down through generations of professionals over two hundred years. Every corner sofa is a product of knowledge, time and love.


Respect for tradition, the environment, and the materials we use is baked into our clay. We minimise our carbon footprint by making our products by hand and sourcing our materials from the local community. Every piece of wood we use has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


What makes a sofa a Chesterfield?

Although there are variations in size and design, a Chesterfield sofa is today defined by a buttoned back, scrolled armrests and either a loose cushion or fixed buttoned seating. Whilst leather is the most common material, Chesterfields can also be upholstered in wool, velvet or any other upholstery fabric.

Are Chesterfield corner sofas comfortable?

Comfort is often the prime reason people choose a Chesterfield sofa. The large, fully sprung seat and back support make sitting on a sofa genuinely indulgent. For maximum comfort, an adjoining pouffe or footrest may be produced. Bespoke sizes are on request.

How should I style my Chesterfield couch?

A beautifully made leather sofa can look as fitting in a traditional cottage as in a stark, modern office. There is a timelessness in the design of a Chesterfield sofa that makes them incredibly versatile. You can echo the traditional qualities of a Chesterfield with vintage colours and design features. Alternatively, the textures and colour of a Chesterfield settee can bring welcome contrast to a contemporary, minimalist living room space.

How can I tell if a sofa is a genuine Chesterfield?

A genuine Chesterfield corner sofa can only be certified and approved by the Chesterfields Trade Association. This certification is awarded exclusively to manufacturers that meet required quality standards.

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