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The dining room table is the emotional focal point of any home. The place where family bonds are strengthened, friends are entertained, and memories are made. That’s why the choice of dining chairs is so important. Each of Fleming & Howland’s four leather dining chairs is a masterclass in high quality manufacturing and iconic, retro design. Why be ordinary when you could bring something exceptional to the table?

Bridge Chair

Bridge chairs first appeared in the 1930s and were designed to keep ladies of leisure feeling chic and comfortable for long afternoons of parlour games, delicacies, and gossip.

Elegantly turned wooden legs support a padded upholstered seat to make the Bridge Chair as comfortable as it is beautiful. Incredibly difficult to make, the Bridge Chair’s curved arms are a mark of technical frame-building brilliance.

The age
of refinement

The four available dining chair designs are inspired by original pieces from the 1920s and 1930s. Art Deco gave beauty back to a world traumatised by the tragedy of the First World War. In the years between the wars, the movement swept across Europe and America, influencing everything from art and architecture to fashion and interior design. In its own way, each different leather dining chair design expresses the unapologetic celebration of form and luxury materials that define the Art Deco movement.

Belvedere Hand Coloured Monochrome Leather Chair Bridge Hand Coloured Bone Leather Chair Deco Leather Diner Chair Diner Leather Chair

Your chair awaits

Once you have chosen your preferred design, make your chairs feel truly your own by selecting from a broad palette of hand-dyed leather colours. To bring back the spirit of the Art Deco age with accuracy, go for traditional tones such as tan, green, chestnut or brown. Alternatively, you can turn up the volume with vibrant colours like red, blue or gold. It’s your dining table and your rules.

The best things come to those who wait

Fleming and Howland started making furniture in 1780. Every dining chair is made using furniture making techniques inherited and honed over the course of two centuries. Hardwood frames are dowelled, screwed and glued by hand. Full aniline cow hides are hand-coloured, and wax finished before the leather is stitched and sewn by a dedicated master upholsterer. The result is furniture of incomparable build quality and attention to detail.

Quality, sustainability, and community

Durable furniture is not Fleming and Howland’s only priority. We are committed to sustainability and to supporting our region. Sourcing materials locally and making furniture by hand minimises emissions. All furniture is made using wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Is leather a good choice for dining chairs?

As well as adding style to the dining table, the genuine leather hides we use to make our dining room furniture are resilient, durable and make a highly practical choice for a dining area. In a typical domestic environment, leather furniture should only need the occasional dusting with a damp cloth.

Which leather is best for dining chairs?

The better quality the leather, the more durable the chair. Our range of leather dining chairs are made using soft full grain, full aniline leather. Colour dyes are mixed and gently massaged into the leather hides by hand. This process delivers a beautifully toned patina celebrating every different hide's unique patterns and characteristics.

What makes a good quality dining chair?

A great chair in a dining space needs to make a statement that you can comfortably sit on without complaint year after year. The size of the chair needs to provide comfort whilst being practical for the table and the space. Our dining chairs are compact, comfortable, and incredibly well made.

Are wooden dining chairs uncomfortable?

Elegant wooden legs and arms are complemented with cushioned leather seats and back supports. The comfort of the padded leather seats more than matches everything the dining chairs deliver in style. You can even choose the preferred firmness of the cushion filling for the desired dining experience.

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