Colour is emotion. It is a thought, a feeling, an idea.
    Colour is the power to transform. Colour is a statement. And a celebration.

    For us colour is both a science and an art. It is modern and traditional. It is bold and discreet. For us colour is contrast and monochrome. It is dyes and pigments.
    Colour is our passion. Colour is hand made.


    Requesting up to 4 swatches are free of charge.


    Colour dyes are mixed and gently massaged into the leather which is then allowed to dry.
    This process is repeated at least six times to ensure a beautifully-toned patina. As the dyes are absorbed in varying intensities on different areas of the skin, the original hallmarks of the hide ensure that every piece is completely unique and distinctive. Full-aniline leather, which is the hide’s most organic state, will always reveal heavy scarring and blemishes. In areas of frequent use, such as the seat and arm, the natural oils will move around to cause a lightening in colour. This is a soft full-grain leather that flirts with Avant-garde art. Its imperfections give it soul.


    This fine corrected grain leather was developed in the 1970’s as a far less labour-intensive method of hand-coloured leather. After the furniture has been upholstered, the darker top coat is rubbed off in select areas to reveal the lighter colour beneath, thus giving an aged appearance. This leather will gradually age with use revealing more of the base coat. Antiqued leather features a protective seal that offers a little more protection than usual which is why it is a popular choice within environments of heavy use such as restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.


    Our Crackle leathers have been especially developed for an aged yet contemporary finish. This is a full grain, semi-aniline leather full of character with scars, bites and scratches. Very hard-wearing. For some colourways, the leather when stretched lightens to the hide dye colour beneath giving a pleasant contrast of shades.


    A modern candy-coloured collection of full aniline leathers with a silky smooth wax finish. The leather when stretched slightly lightens to reveal the hide dye colour beneath giving a pleasant contrast of shades.


    Cotton velvets are the most elegant and luxurious of fabrics. The very fine cotton pile reflects the light variably, giving a slightly aged appearance. Available in a plain or a crushed finish with over 40 shades to choose from.

  • WOOL

    Beautifully soft, this 100% wool is naturally soil, stain and flame resistant. Each shade is created by individually dying the fibres and then blending these colours together giving a unique depth and a real sense of luxury. Tartan, tweed and paisley designs also available on request.