The choice of leaders for more than two centuries


There’s a reason Chesterfield office chairs have been the chair of choice for distinguished professionals for the last two hundred years. Nothing softens the edges of a hard day in the office like the comfort and luxury of a genuine Chesterfield. These exceptional chairs come in four distinct designs, each made with the craftsmanship and attention to detail that are the hallmark of every piece of Fleming & Howland furniture.


From the cabin to the boardroom

Captain’s chairs were originally designed for use aboard naval ships.

Plush, comfortable but compact enough to easily fit inside a cabin, the chairs were used by senior naval officers when relaxing off duty. With deep recessed buttons and beautifully tailored leather, the Chesterfield Captain‘s chair can add a dash of heritage marine decadence to any modern workspace.


The Duke. The Earl. The Captain. The Lord. Four bold and elegant designs shaped and hand crafted by the experience and craftsmanship Fleming & Howland has perfected since 1780. Luxurious, bold and beautifully made, each chair can offer a point of contrast to a contemporary workspace or add a fitting statement to a more traditional office.

Captain Green Chesterfield Office Chair Duke Leather Chesterfield Office Chair Earl Chesterfield Executive Chair Lord Leather Chesterfield Office Chair


It’s texture and colour that really sets these chairs apart. Using a process unique to Fleming & Howland, dye is massaged by hand into leather hides to add colour and celebrate the unique characteristics of each different hide. The result is a range of brilliant colours, from classic and understated to striking and vibrant.


There’s a little bit of our heart in every chair that we make. Our Chesterfield office chairs are crafted by hand, made in England by a dedicated master upholsterer. Every detail is considered and perfected, from the robust yet elegant frames to the wooden spindles and hand-stitched leather.


Respect for tradition and the natural environment are fundamental to the way we make our furniture. As we source 90% of our materials locally and build almost every detail by hand, we can limit our emissions whilst maintaining impeccable build quality. Every piece of wood used to make our chairs has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Can I customise the design of my Chesterfield swivel chair?

All furniture is made to order. Nothing quite matches the unique patina of hand-coloured leathers however you may match any of the four available Chesterfield office chair designs with the material or colour of your choice. Contact us to discuss.

Are Chesterfield captains chairs comfortable?

Chesterfield office chairs are specifically built to provide the support you need to work at a standard office desk however certain elements such as seat width may be altered. Each of the four office chair designs have been built and tested to offer lasting comfort for long working days.

How long does it take to make a swivel chair?

Timings are based on a production queue system and therefore subject to change. As a company that has been making furniture the traditional way since 1780, Fleming & Howland will not compromise quality to cut corners. Refer to each product page for an estimated delivery time.

Are your chairs genuine Chesterfields?

Office chairs are certified and approved by the Chesterfields Trade Association. This certification is awarded only to pieces and manufacturers that remain entirely faithful to the build quality, authentic design and characteristics of a true Chesterfield.

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The real beauty of making furniture by hand is the ability to customise.

Designing with Fleming & Howland is a journey, with your input invited at every step. It starts here...


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