The perfect partner

The perfect partner

There’s only one thing in life that beats sinking back into the enveloping comfort of a genuine Chesterfield sofa or chair. Adding a tailor-made Chesterfield footstool brings added comfort and elegance to the noble art of lounging. Enhance the look of any living room seating with the customizable beauty of a Fleming & Howland footstool. Stylishly designed and built to perfectly suit your décor, upgrade your relaxation game with this must-have luxury.


A stylish addition

The Philip Stanhope footstool is an exquisitely crafted piece of furniture that combines traditional design sensibilities with modern craftsmanship.

Constructed from a solid hardwood internal frame, the tufted upholstery surface is set atop integrated turned legs and finished with decorative upholstery nails around the circumference for added appeal. The buttoning adds a timeless look, while the monochromatic hue shown in this photo gives it an effortless modern edge. Available in bespoke sizes on request with an unlimited choice of leathers or fabrics.

Made to measure.
And to delight.

Footstools seldom get to play the leading role when designing a space. The style, colour and size of a footstool is nearly always dictated by the attributes of a matching sofa or chair. Craft a statement piece that's one-of-a kind. Tailored to fit the needs of your space, choose from a variety of luxury leathers and fine fabrics for an eye-catching design. Make it your own.

Club Art deco Footstool james Boswell Leather Chesterfield Footstool

Versatile. Durable. Lovable.

A footstool is more than just a place to rest one’s feet. It can be a source of comfort, a piece of decorative furniture, and something that embodies the personality of its owner. Its great versatility allows it to function both as a practical addition to an occasional chair or couches as well as a subtle way to introduce a touch of colour or pattern. Whether used for decoration, extra seating, or simply comfort, the humble footstool adds life and magic to any room.

No ordinary footstool

This collection of luxury footstools has long been a symbol of timeless quality and craftsmanship, complete with a solid wood frame and intricate construction providing comfort as well as design. Footstools are made with the same love and care applied to every other piece of furniture. A unique combination of materials such as leather and woven fabric provide both charm and durability. Hand crafted wooden footstools remain a useful addition to any home that cherishes its classic style.

Beautiful and Sustainable

We want to make sure every aspect of the business is conducted in the most ethical of ways which is why we have joined the Positive Luxury certification programme. Positive Luxury was formed in 2011 to accelerate the migration to a new climate economy. Their globally recognised and respected Butterfly mark is awarded only to organisations that meet the highest standard of sustainability best practices across environmental, social, governance and innovation.


What is the difference between a footstool, an ottoman and a pouffe?

A pouffe typically has no legs or legs that are concealed beneath the upholstery. An ottoman is made for sitting, while a footstool, as the name implies, is made for resting your feet.

What is the perfect height for a footstool?

Although there is no golden rule, the standard height for a footstool ranges between 30cm and 50cm. As every footstool is made to measure, our team can help you choose the perfect height to accompany a matching sofa or armchair.

As an alternative to the footstool, do your chairs include a recliner mechanism?

We have a simple philosophy when it comes to furniture. The old ways are best. That means declining to use moving mechanical parts and imported recliner mechanisms. Without any danger of mechanical failure further down the line, your Chesterfield footstools will be made to last a lifetime.

Can a footstool be used as a coffee table?

The answer to the question of whether a footstool can be used as a coffee table is yes, in certain situations. Footstools can be used as coffee tables in areas where space is limited, such as apartments or small rooms. They are also ideal for creating a multi-functional living room area when used with other pieces of furniture such as armchairs and sofas. A footstool can act as an accent piece that provides additional seating without taking up too much space.

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The real beauty of making furniture by hand is the ability to customise.

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