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Most sofa beds feel like an awkward compromise. Offering neither a comfortable bed nor a well-designed sofa, they attempt to straddle both camps and do neither particularly well. A Chesterfield sofa bed presents a solution refreshingly free from compromise, a sofa that retains the majesty and elegance of a genuine Chesterfield and a generous and incredibly comfortable bed. Why settle into anything less?

The Stamford
Chesterfield Sofa Bed

Quintessential English Comfort

The Stamford Sofa Bed is a master of deception. With its trademark buttoned leather back and scrolled, studded leather arms, there is nothing to suggest you are looking at anything other than a classic Chesterfield sofa.

That deception is more than skin deep. Deep leather cushions and padded support offer unanticipated levels of comfort for a sofa bed. And yet, in just two movements, the Stamford can be easily opened up and extended to become a brilliantly comfortable bed.

A bed that tells
a good story

An authentic Chesterfield chair or sofa is more than a piece of furniture. It’s a direct connection to an age when British furniture manufacturing and design were the envy of the world. The Chesterfield sofa was pioneered in the 18th Century when Lord Philip Stanhope, the Earl of Chesterfield, commissioned a piece of furniture to comfortably entertain guests. Chesterfield sofas and chairs rapidly became a feature in the most fashionable salons, parlours and living rooms. They would continue to be popular with discerning nobles and royals into the 21st century. So, when you’re lounging on your Chesterfield sofa beds, remember that where you sit, Kings and Queens have sat before you.

Stamford 2 seater leather chesterfield sofa bed william Blake Leather chesterfield sofa

The art of versatile

It’s a common misconception that Chesterfield sofas and chairs are best suited for traditional rooms and spaces. The timeless appeal of Chesterfield sofas can make it look at home even in minimalist, modern environments. A Chesterfield sofa bed can provide a versatile solution for a home office space or a spare room. It is also robust and comfortable enough to act as the main sofa in a living room.

Spoilt for choice

As Chesterfield sofa beds are made to order, you can play with options to create the perfect sofa for your tastes and needs. The Stamford Sofa Bed is available as a four, three or two-seater sofa. Choose from a range of antiqued leather colours to create the perfect sofa for any room style. If you are particular about your perch, you can even decide on the firmness of the cushions.

Made with respect

Fleming and Howland furniture is made with respect for materials, respect for traditional techniques, and the environment. Every Chesterfield sofa bed is made by hand using materials sourced from suppliers close to our factory in the North West of England. We minimise our carbon footprint by using traditional techniques to make our products by hand. Every piece of wood we use is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Are Chesterfield sofa beds comfortable?

As the bed-folding mechanism is fitted within the cavity of the wooden frame, underneath the cushions, the experience of sitting in a Chesterfield sofa bed is no different from the comfort you get from standard Chesterfield sofas.

Can you sleep on Chesterfield sofas?

Nothing is stopping you from enjoying a great night’s sleep on a classic Chesterfield sofa. Most of our sofa designs can be modified to increase seat depth and width, so you can create enough room for a good night’s sleep without the need for a folding mechanism.

What are the mattress dimensions?

Engineered to accommodate a spring mattress, the Stamford chesterfield sofa bed has nothing to be ashamed of as a bed. Choose from a mattress width ranging from 95cm to 155cm. The mattress depth is 185cm and when fully unfolded, the total depth of the sofa is approx. 245cm.

How much heavier is a Chesterfield sofa bed?

The internal folding mechanism will add an extra 35kg to the total weight of the sofa compared to a standard Chesterfield sofa.

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