Elevation and elegance. A refined seating solution


Made with an upholstered leather back support and cushioned seating, this small collection of leather bar stools is anything but ordinary. Each barstool design can provide a practical, refined seating solution for open plan kitchens, bar areas and boardrooms. Each of these unique bar stools are made to order allowing adjustments to height, along with the usual choice of wood polish, decorative nails and upholstery.


Quintessential English comfort

The Belvedere bar stool embodies the essence of fine leather craftwork. It is an evolution of the Belvedere dining chair, elevated to provide generous seat dimensions.

The main feature of this chair is it’s barrel shaped fluted back with a scalloped side profile that gently follows the contours of your body. Due to its sheer size, no other bar stool can match its comfort, a bar stool made to stand apart.


This small collection of bar stools echo the signature features of a traditional Chesterfield chair, such as the hand-pleated upholstery, decorative studding and turned wooden legs. All three are archive-inspired designs, photographed here in the contemporary ‘Coal’ leather. This shows how changing the upholstery can transform these designs, making them easy to fit into any setting. The result is a range of bar stools that can look the part in a wide range of spaces, from exclusive bars and private clubs to sleek, modern offices and homes.

Belvedere Coal Leather Bar Stool Davenport Coal Leather Bar Stool Regency hand coloured leather bar stool


By playing against tradition with colours and textures, you can transform any item into a bold and unapologetically modern piece of furniture. You may customise your bar stools to any counter top height and select from the full range of leathers, velvets or mixed wools. The silhouette of the show wood features prominently on these chairs, stained in the standard matt black or traditional dark oak polish. Other polishes to match are available on request.


No machine can replicate the love or devotion put into making exceptional furniture. That’s why everything that comes out of our factory is handmade. Making by hand and to order gives our clients a chance to customise every detail. For something as versatile as a bar stool, height is the most important of these details. We have made bar stools for commercial bar counters, breakfast bars, meeting room tables and stand-up office desks. We welcome all styles, all sizes, and all tastes.


We want to make sure every aspect of the business is conducted in the most ethical of ways which is why we have joined the Positive Luxury certification programme. Positive Luxury was formed in 2011 to accelerate the migration to a new climate economy. Their globally recognised and respected Butterfly mark is awarded only to organisations that meet the highest standard of sustainability best practices across environmental, social, governance and innovation.


What style of leather bar stool is most comfortable?

Leather bar stools with fully upholstered back and side supports are more comfortable, especially if the intended occupant might be sitting for a while. Bar stools with padded cushions are inevitably more comfortable than those with metal or wooden seats.

What is the difference between different bar stool designs?

Real leather bar stools generally come in two styles, with and without back support. All of our bar stools provide the added comfort of upholstered back support. The Regency and Davenport bar stools offer added support thanks to their upholstered sides.

How should I look after a real leather bar stool?

The quality of materials and the manufacturing excellence means each bar stool can stay beautiful year after year with minimal fuss. For regular maintenance, give your leather stools an occasional quick dusting with a damp cloth. Avoid cleaning fluids and conditioners, and clean up spills as soon as they happen. Try not to position furniture in direct sunlight as this could prematurely age or discolour the upholstery seat material whether this is a fabric or leather.

Can your bar stools be used to sit at an island with no overhang?

As all furniture is made to order, we can tailor the height of your bar stools to work in perfect harmony with any island or countertop.

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The real beauty of making furniture by hand is the ability to customise.

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