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Maybe you’re looking for an elegant desk chair that can deliver unbeatable comfort. Perhaps you want to bring a splash of refinement into your home. Whatever you need from a chair, a Chesterfield can deliver in spades. Fleming & Howland handcrafted Chesterfield chairs come in a wide range of customisable styles and colours, from heritage designs steeped in tradition to contemporary variations offering a fresh take on classic English style.


Quintessential English comfort

Like its namesake, Dr Samuel Johnson, the Samuel Johnson Wing Chair is an 18th century English icon.

Made of hand dyed leather with a solid beech wood frame, every one of these regal chairs is handmade by a master upholsterer using methods preserved for more than 200 years. From the buttoned leather back support to the individually studded armrests, every detail celebrates English craftsmanship.


In a world where fashion is only getting faster, there is deep satisfaction to be found in objects crafted with patience and love. As with any item of genuine quality, the appeal of a Chesterfield chair is its enduring relevance. Having remained a fundamental feature of interior design for over two centuries, you know that your Chesterfield will always stay in fashion. Versatile, iconic style makes a Chesterfield armchair look just as comfortable in a traditional country estate as it does together within a modern city office.

Alfred Classic Green Chesterfield Sofa Set Anchor Art Deco Chair Barbican BrownLeather Sofa Belvedere Monochrome Leather dining room Chair Belvedere Coal Leather Bar Stool Benjamin Antiqued Gold Leather Sofa Blower Slate Brown Leather Chair Bowler Art Deco Chair - Hand Coloured Tan Bradwell Chesterfield Sofa Antiqued Gold Button Leather Art Deco Chair Bridge Hand Coloured Bone real Leather dining Chair Captain Green Chesterfield Office Chair Carmen Classic Leather Sofa Charles Churchil Hand Coloured Leather Sofa Hand Coloured Gold Art Deco Chair Cloud Hand Coloured White Leather Sofa Cromwell Chesterfield Sofa Dali Art Deco Chair David Hume Gold Leather Chesterfield Chair David Hume Blue Wool Chair Deco Art Deco Leather Chair Deco Leather Diner Chair Leather Diner Chair - a dining room Stylist Duke Leather Chesterfield Office Chair Earl Chesterfield Executive Chair Edmund Burke Gold Leather Chesterfield Sofa Edward Leather Chesterfield Sofa George Barkley Heirloom leather Chair George Barkley Heirloom leather Sofa Georgian Curve Leather Wing Chair Graham Chesterfield Sofa Hamilton Green Chesterfield Sofa Havelock Ellis Leather Chesterfield Chair Havelock Ellis Wool Chesterfield Chair henry Throreau Leather Wing Chair Howland Leather Chesterfield Sofa james Boswell Tailored Leather Chesterfield Wing Chair james Boswell Wool Wing Chair John Bentley Grey Velvet Sofa John Hawkesworth Leather Chesterfield Sofa John Stuart Mill Red Chesterfield Wing Chair Jonathan Swift Gold Wing Chair Kettle Art Deco Leather Chair Kingston Chesterfield Sofa Lord Leather Chesterfield Office Chair Madison Crackle Tan Leather Sofa Manhattan Tailored Leather Sofa Mustang Chestnut Leather Sofa Mustang Bone Leather Chair Oliver Goldsmith Yellow Leather Chair Oxford Leather Tub Chair Oxford Monochrome Leather Tub Chair Philip Stanhope Hand Coloured Chesterfield Sofa Porters Chesterfield Chair  Ralph Waldo Emerson Heirloom Green Chesterfield Sofa Samuel Johnson heirloom Chesterfield Sofa Samuel Jackson Sectional Chesterfield Corner Sofa Smuel Johnson Ash Wool Wing Chair Samuel Johnson Leather Chesterfield Wing Chair Sebastian Classic Chesterfield Sofa Sloop Art Deco Chair stamford leather chesterfield sofa Stanley Leather Chesterfield Sofa Tank Leather Monochrome Chair Thomas Leather Chesterfield Sofa Tobial Leather Chesterfield Sofa Victoria Classic Leather Sofa Walrus Art Deco Sofa william Black Leather chesterfield sofa william Blake Leather chesterfield sofa William Spooner Gold Velvet Chair


From antiquated leather and traditional tones to monochrome or bold modern colours, there are no rules or limits when customising your Chesterfield chair. Go wingback, or go simple. Go heritage or go loud. Play with colour and materials until you find a combination that talks your language.


As all Chesterfield chairs are made to order, you can customise the design to create a chair perfectly tailored to your body. Seat height and depth can be adjusted and cushion fillings can be modified*. Order a matching footrest to make your chair feel even more indulgent. There are few things in life as comfortable as a genuine Chesterfield.
*cushion exchange service also available after delivery


Every chair is a product of respect. Respect for furniture making techniques perfected by craftspeople at a time when English manufacturing was the envy of the world. Respect for locally sourced materials of the highest quality. Respect for the environment.


What is a Chesterfield chair?

There are several key features of a Chesterfield armchair, of which the buttoned leather high back is the most distinctive. Chesterfield armchairs can feature high sides that enclose the occupant called wings, or they can be made with open sides and lower armrests. Despite variations over the years, the Chesterfield furniture made today are faithful to the fundamental design of the 18th Century originals.

Are Chesterfield armchairs comfortable and can you customise them?

Chesterfield armchairs were originally made in England for royalty and nobility. Their padding and design offered a level of comfort that was revolutionary at the time. What is true for Kings and Queens is equally true for you. The back support and cushioned leather seat make a Chesterfield chair and sofa among the most comfortable in the world. To take that comfort to another level, you can tailor your chair for your particular taste, body shape and room style.

How can you tell if a chair is an authentic Chesterfield?

The use of real leather and finest materials is the most immediate way of identifying genuine Chesterfield furniture. No chair made using synthetic leather can claim to be an authentical Chesterfield. All chairs are certified and approved by the Chesterfields Trade Association. This certification is awarded only to manufacturers that remain faithful to the quality, design and characteristics of a true Chesterfield.

Do Chesterfield chairs only work with traditional design?

Classic leather Chair can make a brilliant counterpoint to a modern living room or working space. You can play with materials and colours to tailor the perfect leather Chesterfield style sofas and chairs for any room and style.

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The real beauty of making furniture by hand is the ability to customise.

Designing with Fleming & Howland is a journey, with your input invited at every step. It starts here...


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