The Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Whatever the question, velvet is the answer

A symbol of
opulent luxury

Fashion aficionados can appreciate the timeless elegance that comes with owning something made of velvet. Not only is it a luxurious fabric, it holds its form throughout changing trends and provides an opulence that many other materials simply cannot replicate. This material not only speaks volumes about quality but is also incredibly durable with proper care and maintenance.

The Samuel Johnson Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Quintessential English comfort

Setting the Samuel Johnson apart from the rest of the velvet chesterfield sofas, it boasts umbrella handle shaped arms that wrap all around the back, creating a larger silhouette while ensuring an exceptionally comfortable and supportive sitting experience.

Sinking into the deep seat propped up by fully sprung back and armrests offers an indulgent experience like no other. This spectacular piece of furniture is complemented by its exquisite turned legs and optional solid brass castors, creating a stunning visual impact.

A fabric with
historic significance

Cotton velvet stands out among fabrics for its soft, luxurious feel. Its production is a complicated process involving specially designed looms that weave together two pieces of fabric at the same time and then cut them apart to form the pile effect. Historically, velvet was expensive to create due to this complex manufacturing process, but industrial power looms now make it more affordable. Despite this, well-made cotton velvet remains a costly fabric that is appreciated for its modern and classic setting.

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The Finest Cotton Pile

Cotton velvet is the most elegant and luxurious of fabrics. Its very fine cotton pile reflects the light variably, giving a slightly aged appearance. With over 40 shades of velvet to choose from, you can easily discover the ideal hue for your living space.

Refined sophistication

Velvet is one of the most luxurious and coveted fabrics available today. There are many varieties of velvet and each type has distinctive characteristics that make it suitable for a variety of applications. Cotton velvet is particularly admired for its delicate, soft texture, which can be subtly or strikingly beautiful based on its weave. Its lightweight composition and high resistance to wear make it an ideal choice for furnishings. Cotton velvet offers an elegant look with a long lifespan that continues to create refined sophistication long after the initial purchase.

Beautiful and Sustainable

We want to make sure every aspect of the business is conducted in the most ethical of ways which is why we have joined the Positive Luxury certification programme. Positive Luxury was formed in 2011 to accelerate the migration to a new climate economy. Their globally recognised and respected Butterfly mark is awarded only to organisations that meet the highest standard of sustainability best practices across environmental, social, governance and innovation.


How to protect a velvet sofa?

Cotton velvet is an exquisite fabric with a phenomenal level of craftsmanship that has been adored by many for centuries. To maintain its lustrous beauty over time, it is important to follow special care instructions when cleaning. We recommend professional dry cleaning to help preserve the quality of the fabric, however, some occasions may call for spot treatment or hand washing. In addition to proper cleaning methods, always keep your furniture away from direct sunlight and heat sources as it could cause fading in colour.

Are velvet sofas durable?

On top of its superior aesthetics, cotton velvet has valuable qualities such as ultra-softness and lasting comfort that make this fabric a highly desirable choice. Its texture is at once luxurious and lightweight, making cotton velvet well-suited to a wide range of uses in both fashion and interior design. With its superior performance when used for craftsmanship and its numerous benefits, it's no surprise that so many prefer the sophistication offered by this material.

What are the different types of velvet?

There are many varieties of velvet, including cotton velvet, silk velvet, crushed velvet, and more. Each type has its own characteristics that make it suitable for a variety of applications. Cotton velvet is particularly admired for its delicate texture and lightweight composition.

What are the benefits of using cotton velvet?

Cotton velvet has valuable qualities such as ultra-softness, lasting comfort, and a delicate texture that make it an ideal choice for a sofa. It is also lightweight yet durable and can last for years with proper care.

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