leather chesterfield sofas

A science and an art


Fleming & Howland prefer to do things the traditional way, employing a 200 year old colouring technique using dyes and polishes that are applied by hand. The result is a leather that isn’t just incredibly supple, but transmits a distinctive, warm natural fragrance. Best of all, the dyes result in a natural aging process that improves the look of the leather over time and use.


Quintessential English comfort

This classic hand-dyed leather chesterfield sofa embodies the English style and sophistication that made it an iconic and eternal piece of furniture.

All elements remain faithful to the original design such as the continuous buttoning in its back and arm, single buttoned front border, gentle back incline, and cupped bun feet.


Colour dyes are mixed and gently massaged into the leather which is then allowed to dry. This process is repeated at least six times to ensure a beautifully-toned patina. As the dyes are absorbed in varying intensities on different areas of the skin, the original hallmarks of the hide ensure that every piece is completely unique and distinctive. This is a soft full-grain leather that flirts with Avant-garde art.


Whilst the Hand-Coloured leather is considered to be the original choice, it’s organic, natural state will reveal many scars and hallmarks within the hide that some people may find unusual. It is not for everyone. For this reason we present the Crackle and Antiqued range of leather sofas that feature a cleaner finish without compromising on quality.


Leather upholstery is often thought of as a luxury, but the benefits of using leather go far beyond its elegant look. Leather is a durable material that stands up to wear and tear better than many other fabrics. In addition to being resistant to tears and punctures, it also offers a high degree of stain protection.

Beautiful and Sustainable

We want to make sure every aspect of the business is conducted in the most ethical of ways which is why we have joined the Positive Luxury certification programme. Positive Luxury was formed in 2011 to accelerate the migration to a new climate economy. Their globally recognised and respected Butterfly mark is awarded only to organisations that meet the highest standard of sustainability best practices across environmental, social, governance and innovation.


How do you clean a leather chesterfield sofa?

High quality leathers do not require creams or conditioners. One of the best ways to clean a leather chesterfield sofa in your living room is to use a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Start by wiping down the entire surface of the furniture, using gentle circular motions. This will help remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated on the surface.

How can you tell a leather chesterfield sofa is genuine?

Genuine chesterfield leather has a natural, distinguished appearance with visible pores, creases and wrinkles in the hide. It will generally have some variation in color and texture, as well as evidence of small scars on the surface - all of which are to be expected in real leather. The best way to determine whether modern chesterfield sofas are made from genuine leather is to check its label and accompanying paperwork. Additionally, look for endorsements from well-known industry organizations such as the Chesterfields Trade Association.

Are leather chesterfield sofas comfortable?

Leather chesterfield sofas are known for their luxurious and comfortable seating. The classic design is constructed with soft, top-grain leather that is both breathable and durable, offering a comfortable seating experience. Internally, they consist of soft fillings such as feather or fibre blends, while the lower layers feature denser foam for improved durability and longevity. This timeless design has provided generations of owners with comfort and style that will last through many years of use.

Are chesterfield style sofas always in leather?

Whilst leather is the most common material, Chesterfield furniture can also be upholstered in wool, velvet or any other upholstery fabric.

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