Leather Polish Kit For Hand-Coloured Repair & Maintenance

Please note that the polish is a self-sealing dye, so avoid contact with eyes and keep it away from children and pets. Keep lid on when not in use and try to avoid unwanted transfer from the cloth to other surfaces. Use the gloves provided.

Your kit contains:

X1 Bottle of polish
X1 Cloth
X1 Pair of gloves
X1 Leather test sample


Instructions for use:

Step 1. Put on gloves and apply a very small amount of the polish onto the cloth provided. Using the leather test sample first apply a small amount onto the damaged areas using a circular motion. Remove excess using the cloth.

Step 2. Allow to dry for approx. 2-3 minutes and repeat with another application if needed (or until the area darkens and blends in nicely).

Step 3. Now you have an idea how the polish works you can use the same process on the affected areas of your sofa/chair.

This polish can be used to occasionally replenish the top layer of the leather in case of dryness and/or scuff marks. Leather stretches with use and so please re-apply above steps if required.